The Second Time Around


Since my last post I have announced our exciting news that we are pregnant! Hubby and I have always wanted a sibling for Jack and are so happy to be expecting an addition to our mad family (maybe this one will be sane). I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and though feeling incredibly chuffed that we have been able to get pregnant a second time, I have become increasingly aware of differences between by first pregnancy and this one.



My gorgeous future big brother.

I was not prepared for how absolutely, desperately shattered I would feel. I had the ‘first trimester tiredness’ with Jack but it seems so much more intense second time round. We actually guessed I was pregnant before any tests could pick it up as I was practically narcoleptic. I found myself being woken up by Jack sticking his finger up my nose after drifting off to Paw Patrol, and going to bed at 7.30pm. I could sleep for 12 hours straight and still feel like I had pulled an all-nighter the following morning. Thankfully, this has now passed and I’m feeling my normal self now.


My Kangaroo Pouch


Chontel Duncan 5 days after giving birth – WTF?!

I had a pretty smooth pregnancy with Jack but was horrified to find after having him that my stomach had totally collapsed into what looked like cottage cheese! I call it my Jack sack, it’s a wrinkly pouch in the shape of a ‘W’. I think it’s stands for ‘was’ (this ‘was’ where your stomach used to be). Nevertheless, it improved slightly and I have learnt to live with it (tuck it in my pants). I can’t pretend that I wasn’t really jealous during a drink fuelled mummy tummy comparison that my friends who have two plus children have fantastic looking tums! To be honest I don’t exercise much or do sit ups which would help but it would not glue it back together. Right now my bloated tummy looks better than ever as its smoothed out all of the mess, however I am terrified what will remain after my current package is delivered! Fair play to the amazing women out there who are either lucky with their stomach, or work their asses off to keep it (have you seen pictures of Chontel Duncan after giving birth)?!

‘You’re eating for two now’!

eatingfortwo I actually want to scream at people who say this to me now. As deluded as I was, I truly believed this with my first pregnancy. It took me 3 years to gather up the will power to lose the 3 stone I put on and I am trying really hard to not put on much second time around as I know how hard it is to lose it! Doctors and Midwives inform us that eating healthy is vital and your body doesn’t need extra calories at this stage in your pregnancy…blah blah blah. What they don’t tell you is that you physically can’t consider going anywhere near many foods, usually the healthy stuff! I only seem to want carbs, which I had been avoiding like Katie Hopkins since losing my weight. Following my recent food shop; I was shocked to discover pizza, Mars ice creams and lots of cheese in my shopping bags; with one token bag of green beans. I still don’t know how all the junk got there but I can’t waste it now they’ve been paid for.

Baby Stress

o-VINTAGE-WOMAN-MOODY-facebook I always thought that I would be so much more relaxed with pregnancy the second time around. I had this shit down. I wasn’t going to do stupid things like try and use a doppler at 14 weeks and cry hysterically because we thought the baby’s heartbeat was too slow (it was mine), or google every twinge and work myself up that I was miscarrying. However, I wasn’t prepared for how different this pregnancy would be. The main surprise I had was that from early on I have had light periodic spotting/ bleeding. This of course is concerning and I immediately jump to the worse conclusion, but after many scans and checking of the baby, all is fine. I have even had some private scans to try and find the root cause as the NHS weren’t shedding much light on the situation. However, no one can find what the issue is. I have come to the conclusion that my traumatised, weaker women’s parts are just knackered and not holding shit in as much as they did before. Just goes to show though that you simply have to roll with it and let your body do its thing.

I would love to hear any differences others found with second plus pregnancies.




2 thoughts on “The Second Time Around

  1. thebritishmaple says:

    I can totally relate! My first didn’t sleep so we just cracked on with number two. 18 months later and life with two toddlers is total chaos. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve on no sleep, half-eaten toast and lukewarm coffe, I promise x


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