Thank You Jack

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Thank you to my darling boy,
my heart with joy you’ve filled
I’m so pleased you came into our lives,
even though it killed.

Thank you for always making mummy laugh,
saying funny things like a pig jumped in your bath.
When I’m feeling tired or stressed you brighten up my mood,
even though that often involves something rather rude.

Thank you little trouper for always marching on,
stomping through life to your own beat, banging on your drum.
You are so very persistent in everything you do,
never giving up no matter how much mummy nags at you.

Thank you mini man for keeping things in perspective,
reminding me what’s important in life, at that you’re really effective.
You teach me to lighten up and not fret about every little thing,
even when 100 task reminders on my phone ring.

Thank you for being a good boy the majority of the time,
although sometimes you can be a shit and turn mummy to wine.
What ever kind of day we have; happy, fun or bad,
you have changed my life for ever and for that I’m really glad.

I love you. xx



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