A Thousand Times Why


My four year old son Jack is well and truly in the ‘why’ stage. At first I found his little inquisitive mind fascinating and adorable, however months down the line his daily interrogations are becoming harder to answer. Up to around 30 times a day I must answer numerous ‘why’ questions and be prepared explain the answer to each question in about 5 different ways (often with the help of Google). I thought I would share some of Jack’s questions and also added a few of my own for good measure.

Jack to Mummy

  • Why is he a baddie and not being nice?
  • Why have you crashed Daddy’s car?
  • Why can’t you park?
  • Why can’t I eat this [finding a tampon in my handbag]?
  • Why do I have to wipe my bum?
  • Why do you need a wee; are you going to get wet pants?
  • Why are we always late?
  • Why do you have lots of makeup…does mummy need it?
  • Why is your tummy so wobbly?
  • Why is your glass so big [wine]?

Mummy to Jack

  • Why does it take you 2 hours to eat your dinner every night and then moan that you are hungry?
  • Why do you say you are not tired when you look hungover and the slightest request results in you having a meltdown?
  • Why do you only fart in front of other people, at incredibly inappropriate moments and then say I did it?
  • Why are you only ever poorly on the days I have work?
  • Why does getting dressed in the morning have to involve the ritual of you tossing your (sometimes dirty) pants on my face?
  • Why do you leave such colossal skid marks in the toilet?
  • Why is that you can spend hours lining your cars up meticulously but cannot focus for 10 minutes on your homework?
  • Why can you turn a crap day into a wonderful one with just one silly remark and a big cuddle?

I would really love to hear other questions your kids ask, please share away!


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